Radio Teo


Teo with Dulcimer

The name RadioTeo represents my musical alter ego. I describe my music anywhere between progressive bluesy rock to new age and grungy at times. Mostly, a style that is not following a known pattern ! To me, music is life and an avenue of conveying my feelings. It comes from an unknown place that passes through me in mysterious ways.

I am a huge guitar and music enthusiast. I’ve started playing classical guitar at my early teens. After I paused playing it for over 30 some years due to jobs, life and family, I started playing it casually a few years ago. I have never been a professional player and most of my songs are written, played within a matter of few hours and recorded/mastered in my basement. I am experimenting constantly to improve the process of song writing, playing instruments and multi track recording.

I am fascinated by creating new guitar and synth tones and sounds through loopers, analog and digital pedals and DAW technology and try to invent my own style.

I created these songs by playing and multi track recording several rhythm and lead guitars, bass guitars, drum loops, and synth sounds. Hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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